Conformidade Legal

Legal compliance

Legal compliance audit

Ensuring compliance with applicable legal requirements and other subscribed by a company conveys confidence to the customers.

The legal compliance audit checks periodically and systematically the company’s compliance with law, standards and regulations applicable to each area of its activity.

Identify potential problems of compliance with legal requirements and assists in development and implementation of action plans to mitigate risks. Ensuring the company’s commitment in meeting the requirement set in regulations/legislation applicable or subscribed by the organization.

• ISO 14001 - Environmental;
• OHSAS 18001 Health and Safety in Workplace;
• Regulations and Industry Standards.

Legal Consultancy

Given the growing awareness of the society on the importance of preserving the environment, organizations have been more concerned with environmental issues.

With the growing concern of the markets with the issue of the environment and pressure from national and international markets, companies see the preservation of the environment as a competitive edge.

The legal consulting in environment includes interpretative analysis of standards and applicable laws and guidance for meeting these rules.

Identification, Analysis and Monitoring

Legal Compliance

Identification, Analysis and Monitoring

All companies operating in the market, regardless of its class, aim to meet all legal requirements applicable to its industry, thereby relaying confidence to customers

Based on the analysis of the branch activity of the company, a search of the applicable law is performed. All identified legislation is carefully analyzed; the applicable sections are made available to the client in the online application (marQLei) to carry out the attendance control to these legal requirements. The customers also have access to the full legislation to consult.

With the constant updating of legislation and the situation of enterprises, constant monitoring of the legal requirements is necessary. With the internal and external audits, and recertification, companies must keep a careful monitoring of legal compliance.

• Environmental Law;
• Health and safety at the workplace;
• Legislation of sectorial regulation.

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